13 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Spartacus Blood & Sand

I’ve been obsessed with Spartacus for many years now.

The best part; it’s all still relevant!

Hard work is the gift for the serious entrepreneur.

Photo Credit: Starz

But just know this: Every step up is a step forward. Get in there, get dirty, and make it work.

Legendary greatness takes work, time, and patience.

Collaboration over Competition!

That’s exactly why I started this community!

Can you be a resource and support system for someone else?

That’s my Mommie btw…she always said that no matter if you’re receiving a compliment, or being berated, consider the source and the motive. Be careful who you lend your trust to, and who’s thoughts you let penetrate. And always consider the source. Enough said.

Photo Credit: Starz

This is a journey, not a mission!

There’s always someone who wants to take your place! To be better, smarter, better looking, richer, or more popular than you. Stay on your toes.

One moment can change everything.

Wasted time equals lack of productivity.

Pay attention to the signs that the Universe is sending you, and act accordingly!

Persevere in pursuit of your dreams.

Plan. Prepare. Execute.

In these times, rest and review.

Plan your greatest attack yet.

And slay them all.

South FL Girl. Cris + Melo’s Mami. Serial Entrepreneur. Red Wine Lover. Brown Girl in Tech. Fierce Leader of a 1Milli+ Global Girl Gang @theposhgirlsclub

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