This is how I monetize my brand of 1 Milli followers on Instagram

…that you can do even with 100 followers!

I make money in my sleep, every single day.

And I do this in ways that most people don’t even identify at first glance.

I don’t sell Merch (yet).

I don’t show up for live webinars or classes with the scarcity tactic messaging that marketers use…

I don’t even do 1:1 coaching anymore.

I found that those practices were draining me — energy, time, emotionally…

I got so fed up with the same ‘tactics’ other brands were doing; you know, the webinar launch with all the tips that you can find on Google…the hiugh level strategy that gives you just enough to know what is happening, but you gotta pay for the how. I didn’t like the way it felt, even though I made lots of money doing it-and decided it was time to do this my way.

And so I simply stopped. I decided that I would create something that felt authentic to me because I was spending so much time doing so many different things every day that felt extremely forced.

Those email funnels were seriously draining my life’s blood!

And what I know is when you are living in your zone of genius, things should not feel forced.

One way that I always now I am outside my zone of genius is when I start to lose my voice. It’s always the sign for me that I am exhausted and I need to take a rest and this was happening over and over of a period of 4 to 6 months.

I knew I had to do something quickly to change my routine. My body was telling me that I needed to get a better schedule.

When you notice that you are doing things that are not feeding your energy or that are taking away from your energy and productivity, that is a sign that you need to take better care of yourself.

So one of the first and most important key takeaways that I can share about monetizing your brand is making sure that you are choosing the smart options and focusing on things that are working in your business so that you can purposeful purposeful and streamlined for the different tasks that you are doing daily.

That said, here are some of the ways I make money with my brand that you can use no matter how many followers you have.

The first thing that I do to monetize my brand is create a space for advertisers. Now I don’t mean people simply posting their ad onto my feed because I think it’s really important to not disrupt what your audience is used to seeing and what makes them come to your feed in the first place.

You will never find that at ThePoshGirlsClub.

What I mean is real collaborations and real collaborators.

There will always be someone who wants to use your brand to skip the hard work and the reality is that is harmful to their business as well as your business when you allow that. So no, you can’t just come and post your ad on my page and think that that’s going to work, okkurrr.

Honestly I could take thousands of dollars every single week from people who want to do this -but ethically I know this is not the way that any of those people will build businesses.

My users would simply scroll and go on to my next post to like, comment, and share the next PGC graphic as though they never even saw the ad.

There are many brands that will take your money knowing that this type of marketing works less and less as more advertisers come online. Instead, I would prefer collaborators or brands that match my audience and have products or services that I know will be valuable to my community. Those are the people who are more likely to see conversions from the money they spend advertising with me.

And as I said, I avoid posting a bunch of ads to my feed. Instead, we create value inside of email funnels or blogs and other places and I talk about those brands in authentic ways because I truly believe they will be valuable to my community.

That is how you create a space where people trust that you’re not just trying to sell them things and the walls go down as they are more open to hearing about the brands I am sharing with them… because they know, like, and trust my recommendations. It’s about sharing brands, books, content or influencers that I myself know, like, and trust.

The second way that I monetize my brand is through content. I have gathered extensive knowledge about building communities and building brands over the last 18 years. No one taught me how to use social media and no one told me that I should use social media to sell my products. Back in the early Myspace days when I was a teenager, I decided randomly that I would use it to sell since singers were using the platform for their brands. It just made sense to me to sell my blinged out cell phones there as well.

And that paid off because as a new platforms came for social media, I just kept repeating that process, and before you know it in the early days of Instagram I had a brand with over 300,000 followers before it was a thing to have tons of followers.

I monetize what I know about using social media and building brands. I just launched PGC Brand School which is a course that has all of the information that I have used over the past 15 or so years to sell to celebrities, design for Icons, collaborate with fashion houses, have my products seen on TV, and be backstage at different award shows as swag…

Every thing that I did to build my brand presence is in this course.

So as I said, I teach what I know.

The third way that I monetize my brand which is the last for the purpose of this post, but are certainly not the only methods… is from group coaching sessions. I will often be hired by people who teach other things, to come into their group and teach branding-which is something they are not specialized in.

So they will have me come in either in person or virtually to teach people all the things they can be thinking about as they are building their brands besides just a pretty feed or pretty brand identity. I teach the business behind brand building and how to look at your brand as something more than just an Instagram or Facebook page.

When we Brand Map, it helps get so much clarity on all the possibilities there are when you’re building your business. Most people miss them because they only think about the product or service itself.

I could really go on and on about the different streams of income that I have created and automated.

Also those ads that I mentioned earlier go further. Affiliate partnerships with things that I don’t teach but I know that my Community needs become very valuable as a monetized income source especially as you get into more high tiered products.

My courses are automated… I make money in my sleep there. The affiliate partnerships -automated. The ad collaborators-automated.

You feel me?

There are always more ways to make Money and monetize your brand beyond the product or service you sell.

If you wanna know more be sure to join me in PGC Brand School where I teach you exactly how.

XX, Tori 💋

South FL Girl. Cris + Melo’s Mami. Serial Entrepreneur. Red Wine Lover. Brown Girl in Tech. Fierce Leader of a 1Milli+ Global Girl Gang @theposhgirlsclub

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